Why we are Campaigning

Changes to health services in Devon will affect us all and could seriously jeopardise your health.

  • In 2016 £557 million of cuts in the Devon NHS were planned to happen by 2020.
  • In 2020 over £400m of cuts from Devon’s NHS were planned to happen by 2024, from an annual budget of £2.6bn.
  • Patient beds lost throughout Devon. Over 70% of Community inpatient beds have gone
  • Many hospitals already closed
  • Operations cancelled or delayed even before Covid 19
  • Health services are being outsourced to private companies

You can’t put a price on the value of good health. But some people think they can. They are slashing budgets while trying to persuade us they are improving services To them it is just figures on paper and the opportunity to make money from ill health. In the real world it is paid for in human suffering and misery. The sick child that is refused expensive treatment. The elderly left to die on trolleys in hospital corridors. People with chronic debilitating illness left to suffer, because help costs too much. But it’s not just about money.

That is why our campaign matters. If we succeed, it means that we will receive the standard of health care treatment that should be provided in a country such as ours. We will not be treated as statistics on a piece of paper and vehicles for corporate greed.

Will you join us, not because we ask, but because your health matters?