Please check back here for links to letters to be sent to MPs, Councillors, newspapers, etc.

Letter to MPs about the current crisis ( 2021/22) in the NHS

We will post a template letter here soon for you to use to send a letter to your MP. Please keep visiting this page until you see it.

If you don’t know who your MP is you can find them here

Meanwhile, you could also use the SOSNHS Supporters Guide as a basis for your own letter. And you can also follow the other suggestions on that page.

Email letter to MPs about the White Paper

Writing to your MP is one of the most important things you can do. This letter (with very minor editing) was written to our local MP by a local GP. She has worked in the NHS for twenty years, in cities and rural areas, 12 years in hospital and 8 years in primary care. This is based on her experience of working within the system. Use this letter and other documents on our pages to put together you own letter. But we understand that some people may not be up to that. Just writing two lines to say you object to the proposals in the white paper and the speed with which it is being rushed through parliament is also just fine. The important thing is to write!

Download the letter: Email to MPs re White Paper

SOHS Councillors Briefing

This paper clarifies the contents and implications of the White Paper. Please use it to send to your own councillors, who may or may not have already received it.

Download the briefing: SOHS Councillors Briefing on the White Paper May 2021

Keep our NHS Public

This is a link to the Nationwide campaign KEEP OUR NHS PUBLIC. It contains very useful information which you can also use to write to your MP and advice on other actions you can take.

Keep our NHS Public – Integrated Care

SOHS Memes

Please download our memes and share them on social media!

See our memes: SOHS Memes